Tuesday, 21 August 2012

3 New Scania, A Bump and Alexandria

Monday... I did nearly write Saturday then was the day i choose to check out the new Scania N230UD ADL Enviro 400 at Chesterfield which all enterd service on Monday last week, However been on holiday i was unable to do anything about them until now. Starting with 47298 (YJ55BLF) into town and then getting Northern Rail 144017 into Sheffield on the 07:25 ex Barnsley and armed with my Stagecoach Day Explorer the first Scania that crossed my path was 15825 (YN12GYP) and the plan was to go full route on that one from Sheffield to Chesrterfield, I found the vehicle very nice to saw it had standard seating and they seemed to cope well with the hills at Dronfield Woodhouse, Near the fire station and with the 43 route in paticular. The upper deck was nice and layed out quite well. On the lower front window the words All Day, Every Day are showing as part of the branding but it doesn't obsure the view like the Arriva buses, here to take you there logo on the latist Arriva Yorkshire Branding which is on the bottom of the upper deck window. The upper deck air con is still on the panel under the front window which is about as usefull as a fan doing 2mph but apart from that the vehicle was clean, There was eveidance of people putting there muddy shoes up on the front of the bus which isn't too good given the vehicles have been in service a week yesterday. The vehicle coped well with the loading it got and i noticed more passengers went onto the upper deck then the lower deck which i found unusual for any route as normally the lower deck is full before passengers go up. Passing the B2Net Stadium in Chesterfield i was looking towards Tesco...
Normally looking to see what i could see Stobart wise however what i saw made me hit the bell, run down stairs and get off at the next stop, this was followed by some running and after about an half mile run i finally got there. Stobart MAN TGX Lowheight Tanker PX59AEG, H6139 (Alexandria 21) was delivering to Tesco Garage, Chesterfield. I could not believe my luck at spotting this fine machine at work, away from the normal Stobart depots where most spotters spot good stobarts like this. I was so chuffed at this spot i went into KFC and wacthed the tanker doing its work while eating. I was amazed at getting a top Stobart in Chesterfield and if i was on a Single Deck MAN E300 i wouldn't have seen the truck so credit for the decker there. After i got a 25 into Chesterfield, 33349 (R49 CBD) One of the Marshall Capitals in use with Stagecoach Chesterfield, This wasn't half as bad as i expected and was quite nice indeed. I have never really been a fan of the Marshall Capital, There small, light and weak not standing up well in RTAs and accidents. Photos from the web havn't helped my view on the vehicle type but 33349 seemed ok and looking into the drivers cab it was very well laid out and the driver gets a cracking view out the front window, Even if he did say it was a shed. Then after a while in Chesterfield Scania 15824
(YN12GYO) arrived and on this one i sat downstairs, I was very impressed at the Leather seating on the back with the Beachball pattern on it, I think it was excelrant and gave the leather seating more colour in appose the the normal dullness or gray that most operaters use, It was something i hadn't seen before the patternd leather and i think it works well with the interior giving all seats one colour and not having gray and the back and beachball all the way down. We got off this one at Woodseats and got 15828 into Sheffield, This one was also impressive but at the back some mindless fool and allready scrathed the real paneling with there shoes up on the seats and one of the rear seats had pop spilt all down it, Very sticky and not nice to sit on. Then as we came onto the Mall, Sheffield we saw an accident, First South Yorkshire 69028 had been hit by a Taxi down the side, The taxi had appered to overtake the First bus on a One way street, The driver not expecting to be overtaken on a one way street turned off and bang... After this it was 2 Freebess (44927 followed by 44926) and then waited for 26109 (W479MKU)
 which was involved in the fire in Sheffield city centre last year, this is now in service again and has a few new panels, the rest painted white but there are still signs of fire damage inside the vehicle, Branding is still visable on the sides which im supprised they havn't been forced to replace all the windows which were smoke damaged, there is a new rear desination desplay and some rear panels have been replaced, the fleetnumber as the photo shows is now above the windows, i like it there and I was impressed with the vehicels repair job. 22450 back to Barnsley and 47297 to complete a good day out.

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