Monday, 23 April 2012

Schubwabish Gmund Closes !!!

Schubwabish Gmund Way, Barnsley has closed for a week i understand from today. This is diverting buses down Eldon St North onto Harbour Hill Rd. This makes for a good photo spot on the brow of the very steep Harbour Hill. Certain Buses are struggling to get up Harbour Hill including Stagecoachs Optare Solo M920s (By this afternoon 47288 & 47286 were operating the 1 and some M950s on the 6) But mainly Tate's Travels Volvo B6s which one made for a sight going up puffing smoke out the back about 10mph. Stagecoachs ex Manchester Magic Bus M.A.N 18.220 Alexander ALX300 are also quite slow but the 66 branded Enviro 400 seemed fine as did the M.A.N 18.240s with both Alexander ALX300 & ADL Enivro 300 bodys. The is only in force at the moment one way (Outbound). This is causing disruption to the follow services, (I probably missed some)

Stagecoach Yorkshire/ Sheffield
6 (Barnsley-Doncaster Rd-Kendray)
32 (Barnsley-Cudworth)
33/33A (Barnsley-Cudworth-Grimethorpe-Wombwell (ASOS))
35/46 (Barnsley-Pontefract)
36 (Barnsley-South Elmsall)
47 (Barnsley-Upton)
66 (Barnsley-Birdwell-Hoyland-Elsicar)
67/67A (Barnsley-Wombwell-Great Houghton)
218 (Barnsley-Darfield-Rotherham)
219 (Barnsley-Darfield-Doncaster)
222 (Barnsley-Wath-Doncaster)
226 (Barnsley-Wath-Thurscoe)
229 (Barnsley-Wath-Rotherham)
265 (Barnsley-Chapletown-Sheffield)
X19 (Barnsley-Doncaster-Finningley/Doncaster Airport)

First South Yorkshire
22 (Barnsley-Wath-Rotherham)
219 (Barnsley-Darfield-Doncaster)
X19 (Barnsley-Doncaster)

Tate's Travel Group
8 (Barnsley-Ward Green/Worsborough Dale)
34/34A (Barnsley-Cudworth-Shafton)
X10 (Barnsley-Hoyland-Meadowhall)

RLB Trans/ Redline Buses Barnsley
37 (Barnsley-Grimethorpe)
38 (Barnsley-Hemsworth)

TM Travel, Wellglade Group
7 (Barnsley-Blacker Hill-Pilley)

So Far disruptions have been small with services only 2-5 minutes late however some drivers have failed to notice the disruptions on Tate's Travel, I guess they were not told but i saw P454LWE (1454) Trying to go up and having to Reverse back down this morning and ive heard of another one doing it too :/.

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