Thursday, 18 October 2012

Trying out some Scania!

Well the Scanias are all now in service at Barnsley and they are:
28671 YN62FVD
28672 YN62FVH
28673 YN62FVJ
28674 YN62FVV
28675 YN62FXR
28676 YN62FXT
28677 YN62FXU
28678 YN62FXW

I have travelled on 28673/7. 28673 was operating route 1 (Barnsley-Staincross) & 28677 28 (Barnsley-Hemsworth-Pontefract). Both we're very nice and ran well. I got the feeling on 28673 that it hadn't setted in well but been its first day in service i was not supprised at this. 28677 performed much better overall but this had been going 2 days when i got it yesterday. They are comparable to the bacth at Worksop depot (28611-20) which are used in the Rotherham-Worksop and Doncaster areas mainly. I will get some more of these fine motors on Saturday hopefully. They are again Scania K230UB which is a great chassis and they are certainly built well. The ADL Enviro 300 body works well and its stylish too, Overall Scania K230UB ADL Enviro 300s are quallity vehicles and i really do like them but as everything else they have flaws. Firstly the head room on the back row... Now im not too tall but as i found out on a Worksop one, Head doesn't fit here does it brain... no it f*%king hurt that... Thankfully i didn't do that this time but i did sit on the back of both vehicles i traveled on in Barnsley. Overall the Scanias are great... Nuff said :)

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