Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Solo's Out... Or Are They In?

Stagecoach have finally replaced the Optare Solo M950 on route 1 (Barnsley-Staincross), Yes the ADL Enviro 200 have finally shown there face. These are as reported and 36713-6 are branded for the service. The branding is new and revamped and compaired to the Solos there branded great and it looks good too, This morning as i got the 06:45 the last thing i expected was an Enviro 200... Pritty much typical because i got 47300 (YJ55BLN) However we passed an E200 in service and i had to get off and check it out. So i did, Off the Solo onto E200 36714... Managed to find an onboard video which is on my You tube channel, YT03AYF Videos. I think there much better then the older ones at Barnsley. They are less rattley and seem quiater in general, They are very nice buses and i quite like them which is different to say there Enviro 200. They are to the facelifted style and come complete with new bus smell... Wounder how long that lasts. Only the branded ones i believe have enterd service and they are very good looking and stand out. Ive allready had 36714/5 today. Overall i like the new ADL Enviro 200, There loads better then the older verisons and as all have completed there days work... Mostly i can't see what the reliablity problem is about.
 If i'm lucky i will clear the last two tomorrow that are branded. I will have a look for the others tomorrow too, So whats the future hold for the Solos then... SuperTram Link3 is what, Halfway-Killamarsh. They will be based at Holbrook and repainted and refusbished i understand. They should look good in Supertram link livery. They are 47296-300 (YK55CCV/YJ55BKZ/LF/K/N) YJ55BLK currently fire damaged and under repair, Possibly at Holbrook but i don't know. Funny because i said 47296-300 would go for SL3 but nobody believed me did they. As glad as i am were getting these E200 it will be a shame to loose the Optare Solos, 47290 (YN03ZXK) The one that was orringally a 1 Branded vehicle that has stuck with us all the way until now since the start of the service. They were nice and ive come used to sitting on a cramped Solos in hot or cold weather, Skylight open or Doors closed. Be nice to get some change after all this time, I hope anyway. Hopefully these new Enviros will hold up better then the older bacth at Barnsley however i'm not too sure however First impressions are very good and impressive buses they seem. So onto the are they in bit.
Well photoing the E200s this afternoon through up a good shock, It made me think as a Stagecoach Solo was in the way. It was... It really was an Optare Solo SR and as it got closer i saw it operating route 34 (Barnsley-Shafton-Barnsley) of which Tate's Travel operate... Now if they start buying Solo SRs i will be very impressed. Much better then ADL Enviro 200s. Really impressed with the look of it and they will hopefully place an order and start buying Versa or Solo SR.


  1. Shame were losing the solos because 47296 was/is a good bus, not to mention very quick & just what us drivers need to keep to time on Sundays. Nice that the new Enviros are finally in service now the gearbox & oil pump issues have been sorted, I had 36715 yesterday on a 1 & 12 & was surprised how well it climbed Carlton hill, it seemed to have a bit more oomph than the 60 plate Enviros, but they have a serious turbo lag just like the older Enviros & they'll never match the performance of the Cummins 5.9 engined Solos.

    1. Solos were good as a passenger too, 47290 wasn't so great but the cummins ones were very nice. 47296 was the best yes. The new Enviros as a passenger are much better, They don't rattle and seem quiater the the 60 plates and do seem to have a little bit more power. 36716/8 seem to be the best two for power and speed.