Friday, 7 September 2012

Delayed Darts and Mystery Primo

Well firstly, Those Barnsley Enviro 200 that were due to enter service on Monday are still not on the road. I understand they were not prepaired in time however god only knows why its took nearly a week more then expected. Operation on the 1 (Barnsley-Staincross) this week has seen certain larger vehicles including 22115 (S115TRJ) & 39625 (YT03AYK), Also theres been a daily Solo M880 and a few M920s. Ive seen 36717 in Wakefield Rd Depot looking preped and ready to go and also at least 1 vehicle now has nice looking 1 Brandings which today can be seen from Wakefield Rd. I am not however sure when the next will enter service... Hoepfully tomorrow morning.

So onto this odd little contraption of a Plaxton Primo. I got no registation details or anything just that a White Plaxton Primo was going down Eldon St North with 11 in a card in the window. Now is this Stagecoach... I doubt it so is this Redline using Stagecoach numbers... I guess it will be. They do this daily on the 43/44 and run them as 43/44 not 43A/44A like they registard. Now i'm not pointing things out but isn't there laws about this sort of thing where ops use other ops route numbers to make themselfs more well money. If its a Redline motor, i must say it looks nice and was clean. It has they London blue interior which comes with that vile shade of blue and the seats looked like Urban 90s. Lets not forget the biggest issue of all here... Its a Plaxton Primo and thats a bad thing for a start.

Anyway... Ill see what i can find out over the weekend and get back to you all :)



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