Sunday, 2 September 2012

Smart Stagecoach as Enivro 200s enter service

Stagecoach Smart Has Arrived ! Passengers can now use a Smart Card to buy there 4 Week Megarider tickets an Megarider Extra in smart card form. You can top this card up on the bus by asking the driver and this is a great step forwards for Stagecoach in Yorkshire. The Smart Cards are like the London Oyster Card System which allows passengers to pay on there card for travel across London, Only this is South Yorkshire.

The 6 Enviro 200 at Barnsley are now confirmed as:

36713  YN62 BHW
36714  YN62BHX
36715  YN62BHY
36716  YN62BJU
36717  YN62BJX
36718  YN62BOV

4 of them will be branded for Route 1, Barnsley-Staincross which has a PVR of 5, I guess the other one may be spare or used on routes 21/22 (Barnsley-Dodworth-Penistone-Cubley). This has become a regluar for older Enviro 200s which are spare. Normally used on 93/93A/95 (Barnsley-Hospital-Darton). Hopefully this bacth will be loads better then the older bacth at Barnsley, Holbrooks are curently been deliverd and should enter service soon, Its expected an Holbrook one will join a Barnsley one at the SYTT event, Aldwarke on September the 16th.

Once the Enviros at Barnsley enter service on Monday September 2012 (Tomorrow) it is expected that 1 longer Solo M920 (Possibly 47286 or 47290) will move to Chesterfield Depot, Intrestingly Today Non of the 6 Branded Solos have been used, And only 47297/8 form the 1. This leads me to think that Stagecoach may use 47297-300 on route 6 (Barnsley-Bank End Ave) and rebrand them for this route, Debranding the Solos currently used on the 6 (47283/89-91) however nothing here as been confirmed.

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