Wednesday, 19 September 2012

South Yorkshire Transport Museum Open Day & Rally

As i wasn't going to showbus this year i went to the South Yorkshire Transport Museums Open Day/ Rally on Sunday 16th. After Stagecoach suppled to excerlant 22427 (YN07KPV) on the 265 from Barnsley to Sheffield and a trip to Rotherham on First South Yorkshires 37263 (YN07MLL) we got the shuttle to the rally site at 11:15 of Rotherham. This was operated by former Doncaster Corporation Leyland Titan PD2/40 Roe (388 KDT). This is an ok bus however a little bumpy and jerkey. The rally was very very small compaired to normal when its at Meadowhall Coach Park. It was quite disapoining but still the team did the best they could and made it an enjoyable day. The shuttle bus service was operated very very well using sevrel different buses during the day. This operated every 20 minutes and all shuttle buses were in good condition.
Possibly the price attration, South Yorkshire Transport Museums very own Leyland Titan Open Top (NIB 5232) which was formally Stagecoach 11100 which was operating the shuttles to and from the event. Everyone wanted a photo of this vehicle operating and everyone wanted to ride on it. We did a full round (Museum-Rotherham-Parkgate-Museum) and it was certainly good and well restored by SYTM. Its shown on the left and comes complete with the allover livery with cream stripe. The interior is to Stagecoach spec with Stagecoach Beachball seating and Orange grabrails. This vehicle still carries Stagecoach number 11100 inside above the driver at the front. It was nice to get the wind in my face affect again on an Open Top bus. There were 6 or 7 stalls at the event selling models, DVDs, Books amoung other things but no Transdev waterproof coats... Atlantean A763NNA was standing on the front of the muesum and stood out. Its been excerlantly restored into GM Buses Livery inside and out, A Fantastic looking machine and certainly something good to look at, This is shown on the photo at the top of the blog post with the Destination set to 626 Wigan.
 Also on the shuttle service, And my peronsal highlight of the day was ECW Leyland Olympian A658OCX which was part of the Yorkshire Traction group numberd 658. This has been excerlantly restored into Mexborough & Swinton livery including interior and was an excelrant vehicle to be on, I must say having grown up with these Olympians mainly been withdrawn and taken out of service it was great to finally get to sit and ride one of these beasts again. 658 was showing 9A Conisborough all day and operating the shuttle service. Certainly the best on the shuttle that day. Round the back there was an handfull of vehicles. Maybe 6 or 7 with a few Trucks including Coopers, Killamarsh's Foden 4300 F711FHH which is in excerlant condition for its age and looked after extreamly well and ovcoruse Sheffield Transport 904 (3904 WE) was also on show, Normally used by the muesum for weddings and events it also did a shuttle. Then it was time for a trip to Doncaster on Transpennine to try and get a video of the Class 57s running through the station... This past the Transpennine i was on as we came off the Mexborough line, Ha well you can't win them all so as we got off 185151 there was 66238 with an Engineering Train and then 66741 (GBRF) Freightliner unbranded livery with a shunt move into Wabtec and they were followed by another Freightliner Shed and a Grand Centrel HST. Not bad going and a good day out indeed. Would like to say thanks to SYTM for putting on the show and making a normal boaring Sunday something worth it.


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