Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Why Sheffield Supertram ?

Tram 102 seen at Middlewood
Something ive allways wounderd regarding the Supertram network in Sheffield is why its called Sheffield Supertram. Ok its a tram network in Sheffield but whats so Super about it. The name oftern confuses me and the vehicles in the fleet. This is because the 'Sheffield Supertram' is operated currently by Stagecoach as it has been for some time now, So surely it should be part of Stagecoach Sheffield. Another thing that bafflles me is that you cannot find the vehicles (Trams) Operated on the Stagecoach fleetlist, They have fleetnumbers (101-125) So why not ?. Its not like 'Sheffield Supertram isn't part of the network. I find the Supertram very useful when travelling into Sheffield and Meadowhall, I can start at home and use Stagecoachs £5.50 Day Explorer to get to my destination and back again for example getting the Bus Into Town, 265 to Sheffield and then onto the Yellow Tram to Meadowhall. I find this extramly usefull and also usefull is the fact the Tram extends Stagecoach network (Including the Supertram Links) across Sheffield. The current network for the Supertram and Supertram Link services is below:

Blue Route:
Tram 120 (Creamy) seen at Castle Sq
Malin Bridge Park & Ride - Hillsborough - Bamforth St - Langsett Primrose View - Infermary Rd - Shalesmoor - Netherthorpe Rd - University - West Street - City Hall - Cathedral - Castle Square - Fitzalan Square/ Ponds Forge - Sheffield Station/ Hallam University - Granville Rd - Park Grange Croft - Park Grange - Arbourthorne Rd - Spring Ln - Manor Top - Holinsend - Gleadless Townend - White Ln - Birley Ln - Birley Moor Rd - Hackenthorpe - Donetsk Way - Moss Way - Crystal Peaks - Beighton Drake House Ln - Waterthorpe - Westfield - Halfway Park & Ride

Purple Route:
Herdings Park - Herdings Leighton Rd - Gleadless Townend - Holinsend - Manor Top - Spring Ln - Arbourthorpe Rd - Park Grange - Park Grange Croft - Granville Rd - Sheffield Station/ Hallam University - Fitzalan Square/ Ponds Forge - Castle Square - Cathedral - (Castle Square - Fitzalan Square/ Ponds Forge - Hyde Park - Cricket Inn Rd - Nunnery Square Park & Ride - Woodbourne Rd - Attercliffe - Arena/ Don Valley Stadium - Valley Centretainment - Carbrook - Tinsley/ Meadowhall South - Meadowhall Interchange) 

Yellow Route:
Tram 123 popping up from the Tunnel
Meadowhall Interchange - Tinsley/ Meadowhall South - Carbrook - Valley Centretainment - Arean/ Don Valley Stadium - Attercliffe - Woodbourne Rd - Nunnery Square Park & Ride - Cricket Inn Rd - Hyde Park - Fitzalan Square/ Ponds Forge - Castle Square - Cathedral - City Hall - West Street - University - Netherthorpe Rd - Shalesmoor - Infermary Rd - Langsett Primrose View - Bamforth St - Hillsborough - Hillsborough Park - Leppings Ln - Middlewood Park & Ride

Supertram Link:
Middlewood Park & Ride - Stockarth Lane/Middlewood Road North - Langsett Road South / Birch House Avenue - Oughtibridge Church (outbound) / Station Road (inbound) - Wharncliffe Side - Bitholmes Lane - Carr Rd - Stocksbridge & Deepcar (This connects with Yellow Route Trams)

Supertram Link 2:

Supertram Link 36459 at Middlewood
Malin Bridge Park & Ride - Stannington Road - Stanwood Road - Deer Park Road - Stannington Road - Oldfield Road - Nethergate - School Lane - Church Street - Upper Gate Road - Bankfield Lane - Stannington Road - Acorn Drive - Greaves Lane - Stannington Road - Deer Park Road - Stanwood Road - Stannington Road - Loxley New Road - Malin Bridge Park & Ride (This connect with Blue Route Trams)
Tram 113 Seen at Cystal Peaks
The Fleet consists of 25 Three Car Siemans Duewag Tram Cars made in Germany in 1992. The Trams are able to carry 88 people seated and 155 standing passengers and are quite low and easy to access by all passengers from most platforms. The vehicles have been designed to be capable of 10% gradiants (Sheffiels hilly) The Duewags are the third longist trams in Europe to the day and some of the longest in the UK. The network covers 18 miles and includes a Tram Tunnel and two Tram Viaducts.
EMT Tram 111 seen at Hyde Park
The Tramway is operated to timetable with avrage gaps between Tram on Yellow & Blue Every 10 Minutes and Purple Every 30 Minutes. The Tramway in Sheffield is operated like a Railway with Singals. Trams are crewed by 2 members of Staff (Driver & Condutor) But sometimes there can be up to 4 Condutors on the busier Yellow Route to Meadowhall. The Tram Service is very reliable and normally always on time (More then what can be said for the buses). Most Trams are in the Stagecoch Standard Livery however Tram 111 is in an allover advert from East Midlands Trains & Tram 120 is in the classic Cream & Blue South Yorkshire Transport livery (Known As Creamy) Plans have been put in place to extend the tramway from Meadowhall to Rotherham (The Tram-Train) However so far this hasn't happend and honistly i can't see it doing so in the future for a long long time but then again ive been suprised before !.

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  1. They now Seat 86, since Refurbishment from 2010. 116 is in Genting Casino Allover Livery-Black and Red. The Tram-Train will be happening from 2015. The Livery is Stagecoach Supertram, but the Trading name is South Yorkshire Supertram Limited.