Friday, 18 May 2012

Tram Train Gets The Green...

The Tram-Train project that will see the 'Sheffield Supertram network extended as been given the Green Light by the DfT. The move comes as the Supertram gets ever popular. Yellow Trams between City & Meadowhall are currently all full most of the day. This will extend from Meadowhall Interchange currently served by Yellow to Rotherham Centre Train Station (Finally finished) and then up to Rotherham Parkgate. Hopefully this will fill the big hole in the Stagecoach network between Sheffield & Rotherham but we will have to wait a little longer yet with this opening in 2015. An Idea would be a Supertram Link from Meadowhall to Rotherham and Parkgate until this opens in 2015. That would give the current 3 years repaint time for buses and possible use buses form the Olympic Contract (We Can all Hope !). I can't see the tram train running from Middlewood however. Im guessing this will run something like Cathedral - Meadowhall - Rotherham - Parkgate. Nobody yet knows what the new colour will be or if the current Trams will be able to operate to Parkgate on the rails... Would be a slight problem if not and say 2 or 3 of the new vehicles we're off use however ovcourse the power would need sorting as Trams & Trains use different power connections. Anyways for now we will just wait and see what happens and i will try to keep you updated as and when updates are annoced and come in to me. For now a photo of Tram 110 at Middlewood on Yellas to Meadowhall.

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