Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Barnsley Townlines Update Plus...

Further brandings on Barnsley Townlines have taken place last night, this morning. 6 Branding has now been applied to Solo M920 47289 (YN03ZXJ) And 1 Brandings has now been applied to Solo M950 47300 (YJ55BLN). The latter is in full Townlines livery (Very impressed at that) However 47289 is a big mess. To me it looks like they have started doing it and then its been rushed into service. Behind the doors there is no brandings what so ever however this has the route branding above the windows. On the other side the bus has the Green flag however no Barnsley Townlines wording on the side. There could possibly be more vehicles currently been branded today. 47297 (YJ55BKZ) is not out so this could also be gaining Townline 1 branding. 47290 (The final bus expected to get 6 Brandings is still operating the 1 today with the top half of the 1 brandings still applied. 22447 isn't out and nor have i seen 22448 (Possibly gaining 11 brandings). Apart from those ive seen everything else. I will go out and have a look around in the morning or if not i'm not sure when it will be however i will try and get out a check. For the rest of the day 47289 should be operating the 6 and 47300 is on the 1. I will post another update like the previous one when i can check all vehicles out tomorrow :D

Also Noted Today where on Wakefield Rd from 47299 (YJ55BLK) was 2 intresting Stagecoach movments involving an 02 plate Volvo B6BLE East Lancs Spryte and a Volvo B10M-55 Alexander PS. Both in full fleet livery and possible heading for Holbrook for Olympic cover and reverse. Holbrook are short of vehicles currently due to ADL Enviro 400H vehicles been sent for warrenty work... Again. If not they may have been heading towards PVS Carlton however not sure why Stagecoach engineers would take them there. The vehicles where both showing Sorry Not In Service at the time about 12:53-12:55pm today. These must have been leaving the Wakefield Rd Depot (I.e Barnsley) and both looking in good condition... Personally been a B10M fan i would love to see the B10Ms used on Olympic cover in Barnsley or Sheffield... The thought of a B10M on the 265 between Barnsley & Sheffield on a morning is one of great hope indeed.

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