Thursday, 3 May 2012

Catching The Magic 03/05/12

On Monday 30/04/12 Stagecoach Yorkshire's Rotherham Rawmarsh Depot launched its Magic Bus Operation in Comperition with First South Yorkshire on Route 22 (Rotherham-Wath-Wombwell-Barnsley) On the Rotherham-Manvers-Wath corridor. This service is also using route number 22 as is Firsts however the Stagecoach Magic Bus boasts a £2 Maximum fare, £3 Magic Day Rider, £6 Magic Mega Student rider (weekley) & £9 Magic Mega rider (weekley). All of this apart can be found on the vehicles destination blinds and windows, The destination desplays are Manvers & Wath 22 and Rotherham 22 with promotional information shown under then main destinations. The route operates every 20 minutes and serves Manvers, Dearne Valley College, Swinton & Rawmarsh. The service runs limmited stop from Rotherham to Rawmarsh Bus Depot (Drop off Only). To sample the magic i had to head to Wath and did so via ADL Enviro 300 22549 on route 229 (Barnsley-Wombwell-Wath-Rotherham) which left me at Wath where Dennis Dart SLF East Lancs Spryte 33226 was awaiting me, This was driverless at the time and once he arrived i quickly establised that i could use the Stagecoach Day Explorer (£5.50 ticket) So no need to purchase the £3 Magic Day. I understand you are able to use all Stagecoach Day/Weekley Tickets on the Magic Bus 22. As i sat onboard i was the only one on the bus, A First 22 then came past with a standing load on a Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse. This supprised me but soon became clear that the bus was full of students traveling to the Dearne Valley College from Barnsley and Wombwell, The only link without a bus change as the Stagecoach 229 doesn't serve Dearne Valley College. As we waited time a few more people filterd onboard. As we departed Wath-Upon-Dearne Bus Station there was Me and 5 other passengers (Good going for 08:40am in the moring). As we left Wath we followed the full First 22 towards Manvers where someone not paying too much attention waved the first bus by then failed to notice the Magic bus approching, He did notice however by then it was too late to stop and the bus plowed by unable to stop safely due to a vehicle been too close to the rear. As we progressed on the journey towards Rotherham i checked out the internals onboard 33226, To my shock horrer Stagecoach have refershed the internals on the
Magic buses, Grabrails painted Red from Green, Scratched Windows replaced, Steam cleaned floor/ backs of seats etc. I am please to say the Darts look stunning inside and as we passed Rawmarsh depot i noticed the sole Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Pointer I 33083 on the jacks inside. After arriving into Rotherham i manage a photo of 33226 leaving Rotherham however this was blured. Never the less i waited the 20 minutes and headed back to Wath on 33233. As we sat in Rotherham i managed to photo the interior of the vehicle which can be seen on the Right. Also seen are the refreshed interiors of the Spryte Dart and my personal view on the internals is that Stagecoach have really exceled themselfs here. Leaving Rotherham we had a load of 8 passengers onboard and it became apparent to me that some people are not too aware of the Limmited stopping of the Magic Bus. Saying that people still try and stop the X19 (Barnsley-Doncaster-Robin Hood Airport) Limmited Stop on its limmited parts. The Magic Buses are carring leftlets onboard advertising the service, its route and via points and also its timetable, These we're located at the front of the vehicle and seems very popular with other passengers with 1/2 stopping at the front to pick up the leaflet and question the driver. Its been reported certain drivers have been wearing Wizard Hats however ive not seen any driver today wearing the Wizard hats. This was however seen by Dixie on Real Radio Yorkshires brakefast show who commented on the new Magic bus but seemed a little confused. Fellow Enthusiast and owner of preserved Leyland Lynx C920FMP Adam Smith was then heard on Real Radio explaning the Magic Bus consept to Dixie and did very well in summing it up, This must have helped PR for the service, I mean its not every day you wake up to here Dixie talking about buses. As my journey continued i settled in. Passengers around me
 were commenting on the buses been old but new like and ovcoruse very cheap. As we arrived into Wath my trip was over however not without a last photo of the bus its self. The Magic bus livery i must add really suites the Darts however it would be much better if the 22 route branding was fully on the Blue and not running over onto the Yellow however this dosn't look too bad and could be called modern i guess. Both Magic Bus Driver i had today were very happy to talk to passing commuters informing them of the new Magic bus Service. Behind Dart Spryte 33233 in the photo we see a First 22 loading for Rotherham behind the Stagecoach bus. My only complant with the Magic Bus Service is its not extended to Meadowhall form Rotherham as this would be a double hit on first with the cheap service running from Wath to Rotherham following the 22 route and then Rotherham to Meadowhall following the X78 route. This would ovcourse get to First and totally improve Stagecoachs bus network been the only bus from Meadowhall with Stagecoach, This would give a link between Rotherham and Sheffield via Meadowhall connecting with the Tram at Meadowhall Interchange. That concludes my blogging on Magic bus however i do hope Stagecoach expand this more into Rotherham as its a great consept and most certainly one First will disapprove.


  1. agree with you about the lack of a stagecoach meadowhall to rotherham service,it would be very useful for us megarider gold users(mind you in a few years time we'll be able to hopefully use the tram-train service to rotherham ) good blog with some nice pics too :)

  2. Thank You, The Rotherham-Meadowhall link is in my view the biggest error is the Stagecoach network. I understand Tram-Train has been pushed back yet again but cannot be sure, Will post if i get any new information on this.

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