Sunday, 5 August 2012

M.A.N Movements, Chesterfield style

Last Year, Chesterfield depot decided to move the passenger stopping lights from behind the driver onto the front of there M.A.N 18.240 ADL Enviro 300. This was because the drivers stop light was very dim and obstucked by the streering wheel. This seemed a good idea and at the time others throught Chesterfield really had lost it, However it became clear to me recently that there is a need for this as 1/5 times drivers of M.A.N 18.240 at other depots passed, totally missed or overshot stops after passengers has pushed the bell. Now Stagecoach have jumped onto the bandwaggon and now the first example at Barnsley depot has now had its stopping light moved. This is 22630 (YN08JFK) and the new stopping light is very oddly persittioned. Believe it or not it took me a good 10 minutes to notice and i noticed when i relised the fleet number onboard was lower then normal, Personally i like it better there and as i got off i decided to take a more detailed photo.
This Photo shows where the sign used to be, Its 22544 this time.

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