Friday, 10 August 2012

Few Notes and Updates

The new ADL Enviro 200 vehicles are expected to start arriving very shortly. These i suspect should follow each other Registation wise and should be as posted about 3 or 4 months ago (Stagecoach Yorkshire new vehicles) I think i called it, Never the less Barnsleys (6) should start arriving from August 16th and Holbrooks (8) from August 23ed, These may run up to 2/3 week late due to ADL been busy currently. It is now expected that the Scania Enviro 300 vehicle expected at Holbrook will be diverted leaving the M.A.N 18.240 ADL Enviro 300 to cover in there place, These are currently allready at Holbrook depot. I understand Holbrook may become 100% ADL Enviro 400 Hybrid over the next few years however i cannot confirm this at the current time.

BL Travel have gained a new member to the fleet, This been YJ12GVO, An Optare Versa V1100 which follows a succsessfull trail period with this operater of a similar Demonstation vehicle, This is the vehicle photoed in this blog post.

Finally, I will be going away this week visiting Skegness & Kings Lynn mainly, This will also see me at Spalding, Boston and probably Lincoln, Mablethorpe etc travelling about the Interconnect network in Lincolnshire and the Wash.... Should be a good week for me and meeting a great friend of mine too, Can't no longer wait so i will catch you lot later. Expect there will be a big right up on my movements, views and everything else when i return from my outing.

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