Sunday, 22 April 2012

A Sheffield Bash To Doncaster...

Just a few notes from a Good day in Sth Yorkshire on 21/04/12. A Sheffield Bash that took us to Doncaster !.

Firstly It was Solo 47290 (YN03ZXK) Into Town on Townlines 1. This bus has the top half of 1 Townlines branding and is normal allocated to the route allong with Solos 47297-300 (YJ55BKZ/BLF/K/N). Waiting in Barnsley 24 minutes for the next 265 i only managed to see one misallocation, A good day at Stagecoach it seemed. That Missallocation been 47288 on Route 67 (Barnsley-Wombwell-Great Houghton). My 265 was ADL Dart SLF Plaxton Pointer II 35113 (YN06WCP). As we were leaving Barnsley we passed an ADL Enviro 400 Trident 2 on the 66 from Wakefield Rd Depot, Barnsley with a paper route number; The Destination blind showing National Express ?. After arrving into Sheffield and leaving the Dart on the Wicker and meeting Thomas Cousins & Adam Barber we walked to Sheffield Railway Station to photo The Yorkshire Coronation Railtour operated by Steam 46233 'Duchess Of Sutherland' (See Above Photo) & Class 47 804. After getting photos of the tour and leaving the Station we ran up to Fitzalan Sq Tram Stop and got Tram 124 on Yellow to Meadowhall Interchange to video The same Railtour at speed. We were sucsessfull in getting to Meadowhall before the Tour but also getting onto platform 1 about a minute before Network Rails New Messurement Train passed by (Fromed of 43062 & 43013). We stood on Meadowhall about 10 minutes after filming the tour thus managing to get another video of First Transpennine Express 185110. These videos are now on my You Tube Channel and can be viewed here ( ). At Meadowhall we picked up on information about another Steam Engine in the area about 4 hours later. This been A4 Class 4464 'Bittern' so we choose to get the X78 to Doncaster to try and track this one down too. The X78 was First South Yorkshire Volvo B9TL Wright Gemini 37491 (YN08NMX) and this took us from Meadowhall to Doncaster where we took the chance to bash up to Doncaster Dome. We got Stagecoach East Midlands based 18035 (MX53FLR) on Route 29 (Doncaster-Retford) towards the Dome and after a short wait we got Stagecoach East Midlands Gainsborough Based Scania Wright Axsess-Floline 28801 (S801SJV) Back up to Doncaster Frenchgate. In this time it started Raining heavy with some Snow and Hail mixed in. I found 28801 a nice vehicle to travel on and it seemed well looked after like the Volvo B10BLE Wright Renowns at Stagecoach Yorkshire. This was one of 3 new to Roadcar at Skegness for Route 6 (Skegness-Horncastle-Lincoln) which has very recently had 6 new Scania N230 ADL Enviro 400 start operating it. This shows the increase in this popular service. We headed into Doncaster Railway Station to see what we could see. 67019 was stabled and Pacers 142086 & 144003 made apperances allong with a few Class 158s an East Midlands Trains Class 153, Cross Country 220030 and an East Coast 225 before 4464 'Bittern' Steamed by with The Great Brittan'y Railtour 30 Minutes Early !. Was a nice supprise as this wasnt planned or expected when i got up. A video of this can also be found on my You Tube page linked above. Then we headed back to Rotherham on Stagecoach Rawmarsh ADL Enviro 200 Dart 36410 (YN11FFA) The driver on here didn't want to accsept the Supertram Explorer ticket of Thomas Cousins, This is Wrong, Explorers can be purchased onboard both Buses & Trams and used on all Stagecoach Yorkshire, Derbyshire & Some Nottingham services as well as Stagecoach Supertram. We got off at Parkgate onto 35116 (YN06WCU), The driver on here also seemed confused by the Tram ticket but also let us onboard. I find it funny how Rotherham Drivers (4 miles away from the Supertram Network) get all confused by the Tram Explorer ticket and Drivers on Stagecoach East Midlands accsepted it ! Something Stagecoach need to recongnise and change !. The driver on 35116 allowed me on with my Explorer purchased on a bus so why not an explorer purchased on a Tram. Its the same bloody ticket ! Com'on Stagecoach, some common sence please. After an X78 on First to Meadowhall we got Tram 123 to Cathedral on Yellow & then Tram 116 on Blue to Hillsborough.
This was my first time out spotting in Hillsborough and at Hillsborough Interchange. I managed to take a few good photos of Buses from First, Stagecoach, TM Travel & Sheffield Community Transport and also Stagecoach Supertrams. Seen to the right is a Photo of Supertram 124 operating Yellow (Meadowhall-City-Hillsborough-Middlewood) heading into Hillsborough Tram Stop. The Yellow Service is connected to Deepcar & Stocksbridge by bus operated also by Stagecoach. The Tram Link Service operates every 10 minutes (Connecting with the Tram) and is operated using ADL Enviro 200 Darts. This service has gained popularity recently so much so that larger Enviro 200 vehicles replaced Optare Solo M880s on the route. The Tram Link buses are in the Tram livery and are a great idea by Stagecoach to extend its network onwards and outwards. Also to the Right is a photo of First South Yorkshire 60703 (Y661UKU). This Volvo B7L Wright Eclipse was the first new B7L into the First Manchester fleet and now finds its self in South Yorkshire and cared for by the Olive Grove team. After a short stop in Hillsborough we got the Stagecoach 52 (HIllsborough-Woodhouse). This was DAF SB220 East Lancs Myllennium 26101 (W471MKU). These DAF SB220 Myllenniums rumoured to be Withdrawn shortly when new Hybrid double deckers arrive for the 52 soon. This too us into Sheffield were we got onto route 79 (Ecclesfield-Batemoor) from the City to Olive Grove. We then walked down past the depot and up around the back to get a few photos and see what was in there. Our bus out towards Olive Grove was 22207 (T207TND). After taking a few photos we got 22927 (S927CFC) back into Sheffield Bus Station. This is where i left Thomas & Adam and went back for my bus towards Barnsley. This was 35113 again and after running down the Wicker from the Bus Station where i orringally missed the bus i managed to cacth it. My bus home was 47298 (YJ55BLF). I had a very good day yesterday and overall enjoyed myself. I also managed to keep out of the rain but it was only one heavy shower we got caught up in !.

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