Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Local Fleet Changes - August 2012

First South Yorkshire:
Expected to join this fleet are from Leeds 9 Volvo B7TL Alexander ALX400, 14 Volvo B7TL Wright Eclipse Geminis & 19 Volvo B9TL Wright Geminis. This is to replace some older vehicles (Volvo Olympians, Wright Libertors). Repaited into new livery Volvo B7TL Alexander ALX400 31786/31140 (YN53EOL/YU52VYR) 31786 becoming the first repaited at Doncaster after loosing its Frenchgate shopping allover advert. Also repainted are Volvo B7TL Plaxton Presidents 32108-10/32308-12 (LT02ZCY/DH/J/LK03NHH/J/M/L/N) And Volvo B7L Wright Eclipse Urban 60707-12/15/16/18/22/24 (MV02VAF/H/J/K/M/O/VBG/J/L/P/VCD). Marshall Capital 41780-8 (X513/781-5/514/787/8HLR) are expected to move to Rotherham from Sheffield allong with certain Volvo B7TL Alexander ALX400. It is expected that a major allocation change is expected to occur shortly.

Sheffield Communtiy Transport:

The two new ADL Enviro 200 reported here are to the old style bodywork layout

Stagecoach Yorkshire:
Expected are 14 ADL Dart Enviro 200, 6 for Barnsley and 8 for Holbrook for routes 1 (Barnsley-Staincross) and 25 (Woodhouse-Bradway). At Chesterfield new Scania N230 ADL Enviro 400 15824-9 (YN12GYO/P/R-U) have enterd service with 15824-7 branded for route 43 (FourtyThree) and 15828/9 branded for Sheffield Megarider which can also be use on the Sheffield-Chesterfield services. All Barnsleys Dennis Trident ADL Enviro 400 we're returned form the Olympics on the 14/08 however 19559/60/4-6 (YN59EAF/G/W-Y) have returned to London and the Stagecoach Events fleet. In replacement Barnsley now have Scania N230 ADL Enviro 400 15688/90/1 (YN60ADX/Z/ADO) (The first of this type at Barnsley) and MAN 18.240 ADL Enviro 300 22546/7 (YN57MXO/P) and these have come from Chesterfield & Rawmarsh depots respectivly, Both part of Stagecoach Yorkshire. Dennis Dart SLF East Lancs Spryte 33234/41/5 (S134SHE/T141/5JKY) join the magic bus fleet at Rawmarsh in Rotherham, They have been reregistard 1975 HE/3141 HE/8054 HE respectivly. Reserve fleet Dennis Dart Plaxton Pointer I 33082 (P978LNB) is in use at Rawmarsh but as i understand it, Based at Chesterfield. All Buses that went out on Olympic Cover to other depots have all returned, The only change saw Ecclesfield keep 22612-5 (YN08JGU/V/X/Y) and gained 22559 (YN57MYC) from Chesterfield, I understand more movements between Chesterfield & Ecclesfield regarding the MAN Enviro 300 could occur shortly. ADL Dart SLF Pointer 2 35236 (YN56OMS)
has returned to Rawmarsh after serious accident damage which it sufferd in Swinton. Holbrook DAF SB220 East Lancs Myllennium 26109 (W479MKU) has re-entred service after Fire damage having been repaired. I understand this is complete with Euro 4 emmisions Engine. Dennis Trident Alexander ALX400 18125/6 (YN04KGK/P) have been repaited.Withdrawn are Dennis Dart SLF East Lancs Spryte 33229 (R129TWF) with Chassic corrosion. It is expected that on or around October 26th there will be a major fleet change due to the Sheffield Bus Partnership. Exciting times ahead me thinks...


  1. 15 new B7TL and 15 new B9TL. 10 overall new ALX400 for FSY

    1. You 100% Sure, Could be wrong then but ive heard there were more B9TL then B7TL and 9 ALX400 (5 for OG, 4 for RO)

  2. Yes Joe, I am 100% sure. Marra (Captain / Mester Marringtons / Richard Barnes) has said so is correct unless fleet card changes.