Monday, 4 June 2012

Updates regarding New Vehicles

At Barnsley, Stagecoach Yorkshire have very recently branded Optare Solos 47297/300 (YJ55BKZ/BLN) allong with 47298/9 (YJ55BLF/K) for Townline Route 1 (Barnsley-Mapplewell & Staincross), Its rumours the new ADL Enviro 200 vehicles are for Townline Route 1 however i can see them personally used on Dearne Link 219 (Barnsley-Doncaster) or 21/22 (Barnsley-Dodworth-Penistone-Cubley) but we will have to wait and see where the Enviro 200s end up.

At Chesterfield, Optare Excel L1180 35006 (YN51VHP) has been unbranded out of Your-Fourtyfour livery. I'm Told from a reliable soruce that The Current ADL Enviro 300 are to be reallocated onto routes 44/44A (Chesterfield-Sheffield) with the Current ADL Enviro 400s on route X17 (Sheffield-Chesterfield-Matlock) been reallocated onto routes 43/43A (Chesterfield-Dronfield-Sheffield). The New ADL Enviro 400 are expected to be used on route X17.

The First new vehicles for Yorkshire should start arriving after the Olympics around August :D


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