Friday, 1 June 2012

Solo Movement !

Barnsley currently have Optare Solo M880 47465 (YN07OSC) has been operating into Barnsley since Tuesday. It has no Destination Blind equipment and has been noted operating Route 6 (Barnsley-Kendray) on Tuesday & 12/43/44 (Barnsley-Pogmoor/ Kingston Circle) today. This has joined sister bus 47464 (YN07OSB) At Barnsley. 47465 is easily to ID, This is the only Optare Solo M880 at Barnsley with smaller fleet numbers which can be found on the front under the window and also on the rear sides above the windows. The vehicle also carries the Stagecoach Logo on the rear glass and its located between the Destination blind and Registration Plate. I'm unsure at this time weather this is a replacement or transfer to Wakefield Rd. I wouldn't be supprised if its been transferd for one of Wakefield Rds Optare Solo M920s have Chesterfield allready have some of this bacth 47285/7/92 (YS02WWC/D/YN03ZXM)  where as Barnsley operate 47282-4/6/8-91/93 (YS02WWA/WVZ/WWB/RHE 194/YN03ZXH/J-L/P). The aformentioned 47465 is the only Optare Solo M880 MAN of its type at Chesterfield but would join 47464 at Barnsley and also 47723-7 (YN10AGO/U/V/X/Y). For Now I'm out but i will update the 47465 situation in the fleet news at the end of the month.

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