Friday, 29 June 2012

Local Fleet Changes - June 2012

Arriva Yorkshire:
Its been rumoured that Volvo B10BLE Wright Renown 102-9 (W102-9EWU) are been withdrawn, No as i understand these are all still currently in service with Castleford Depot on routes around Wakefield, Castleford & Pontefract, They may also apper in Leeds, The Optare Solo M920s moved over to Belle Isle, Wakefield are Metro owned YK55ENO/P/T and have been numberd 3041-3 respectivly. ALX200 Darts 170-7/9-99 (P170-7/9-99VUA) Are understood withdrawn, These wen't too bad i don't think... the ALX300 DAFs are much worse and there still trundeling.

BL Travel, Hemsworth:
Optare Versa Demo YJ61JHF has departed leaving the operater with the standard Volvo B6s and Optare Excels.

First South Yorkshire:
Transferd from Manchester, Or what ive kept track on are Volvo Olympian Northern Counties Palatine 34019/31/35/82/34293 (P529EFL/P531/5HMP/P532EFL/P293KPX), These should be at Rotherham. 33063/6/9/84 (LN51GKX/GLF/GLV/GME) Have all gained new livery for use on routes 47/48 in Sheffield between Herdings & Shiregreen. Simaler Ex London 33126 (LT02NVO) has joined the fleet while 30863/60695 (W718CWR/T877ODT) Are both off fleet with Accident Damage pending a decition on there future within the fleet. Volvo Olympian Northern Counties Palatine 34099/ 34104 (T899/904KLF) have been reinstated.

Redline Buses/ RLB Trans, Barnsley:
Allover Red Optare Solo M920 KX04HRJ is in use here, As i understand it this vehicle isn't carring fleet numbers. It was noted in service operating route 4 (Barnsley-Kexborough-Barnsley). Duel Doored allover White Dennis Dart SLF East Lancs Spryte 8402 (S402HVV) has been reinstated, Simaler Single Doored 8551 (S551BNV) has appred for sale on ebay. This operate i understand has moved to an new depot in Shafton, Formally the Stagecoach Storage Depot, I understand this still has Stagecoach signage and Stagecoach sold this to a building merchant. Can't see them been too happy at the big beachball bus company.

Stagecoach Yorkshire:
(Olympic Fleet movements are not included) Volvo B10BLE Wright Renown 21133-5 (T549-551AUA) are at Chesterfield awaiting collection by Stagecoach West, There well in the trees. Sold For Disposal are Volvo B10M-55 Alexander PS 20930 (R930XVM) & Volvo B10M-55 Northern Counties Paladin 20869/77/80/86 (P869/77/80/86MNE), These have not seen service for quite some time. Optare Solo M880 (YN07OSC) have transferd to Barnsley from Chesterfield to join 47464 (YN07OSB). These seem to be used on Routes 12 (Barnsley-Athersley South) 43/44 (Barnsley-Pogmoor-Kinstone-Barnsley) & 67 (Barnsley-Wombwell-Great Houghton).

Tate's Travel/ South Yorkshire Rider Ltd:
Recently Acquired are Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Pointer 2 SN51SZY, V165/8MVX, I also understand they also have a 10 registared ADL Enviro 200 however i am not currenlty aware of any other details regarding this. Non of the vehicles have fleetnumbers but i will update them when i get them. Volvo B10M-55 Alexander PS 1754 (K754DAO) is due to come off service and be scrapped shortly following 1621 (L621TDY & 1477 (R477MCW) which have allready gone. All Coaches have been sold and this operater is no longer operating private hire contracts.

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