Thursday, 21 June 2012

Stagecoach Olympic Changes

I have looked at trying to bring together some form of list of Stagecoach fleet changes dueing the olympics in 2012, As i'm aware First South Yorkshire will not loose any vehicles to the olympics and First Games Transport, Please feel free to comment on this if any of its wrong including the above regarding First. At Stagecoach the only vehicles moving to the olympics are from Barnsley (19559-66), There currently been repainted into Beachball and loosing 66 Barnsley Townlines Brandings. Therefor Stagecoach are moving 7 or 8 Scania Deckers (Expected to be 15411-7 The Omnidekkas or 15411-6 & Two Scania N230 Enviro 400 Vehicles), This is all expected shortly, First Ecclesfield have swapped 33349 (R49 CHD) for ADL Enviro 300 22612-5 which are current been repainted out of Your Fourty Three brandings. Reserve Fleet Dennis Dart SLF 34082/34047/50/53 are expected or at Holbrook, 33082/ 33241/5/ 33418 & 34104 are expected or at Barnsley, 34084/6/7 expected or at Rawmarsh with some other Dennis Dart SLF East Lancs Sprytes going into Full time service, These allready at the depot. From Rawmarsh to Barnsley are expected to be Dearne Link Branded 22545-8, These are to release 22541-4 to other areas fleet, Possibly North East. 22636-9 from Holbrook are also expected to go the same place. From Chesterfield to other fleets (East & North East) are expected to be Scania ADL Evniro 400 15690-2, Replaced by Volvo B10BLE 21133-5 which are expect to see use on Routes 70 (Chesterfield-Marstin Moor/ Killamarsh), 77 (Chesterfield-Worksop) & X17 (Sheffield-Chesterfield-Matlock). 33234 is also noted operating in Chesterfield on Saturday last. Other than this, 1 M.A.N E300 is expected to go from Chesterfield To Barnsley and and another 3 M.A.N E300 are expected to shift from Chesterfield to Ecclesfield... Not sure which ones will untametable go. 22559 was reported at Ecclesfield bus had apperntly moved Back to Chesterfield after use at Ecclesfield in exchange for 22615. E400 19564 is the first expected to go down to London as this is currently in for Repaint, Expect a Decker from Sheffield Ecclesfield to Barnsley shortly in other words, I will most likely end up changing this around as something shown above will probably change, Most i expect to be correct.

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