Sunday, 17 June 2012

DDA Destinations

Stagecoach around Yorkshire have started updating certain Destination displays to show the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) Compliant Destination displays. Firstly certain Trams we're updated loosing the scrolling route information and just showing the turminus for example:

Yellow:                     Blue:                          Purple:
Middlewood             Halfway                     Herdings
Meadowhall             Malin Bridge              Cathedral
The Tram destiation displays look quallity and much much (Intentional repeated word) better then beforehand as shown on Tram 119 which is seen sat in Herdings Park turminus. This should have a Purple Cathdral Destination showing however its been set to Yellow Meadowhall, This is where the Purple trams operate to however a destination/ colour change normally takes place at Cathedral to aviod confusion amoung passengers, Not sure why tbh as showing Meadowhall on Purple blinds wouldn't really confuse me, I still know its going to Meadowhall. This has also taken place in Barnsley on buses. Certain Buses operating route 22 (Barnsley-Dodworth Rd-Gilroyd) now show GILROYD    22 and don't have the scrolling route information, Again i think it looks better then before. The photo below shows ADL
Dart SLF ADL Enviro 200 36179 of Wakefield Rd Depot showing the updated 22 destination desplay with new large destination wording, Looks much better then the old destinations with the scrolling via points which you did well to read when the bus wasn't stationary ahead of you in for example a Bus Station, Mind people still asked the driver if the service wen't here, there or both. Passengers for the Hospital have a reputation for getting on every bus that goes up Market Hill and asking if that bus goes to the Hospital.

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