Friday, 8 June 2012

One Most Certainly to Remember !

On The Morning of Wednesday 06/06/12 while awaiting Mr Thomas Cousins to meet me in Barnsley i decided to take a trip to Hemsworth, 22801 (V801DFV) on route 47 (Barnsley-Upton)... This was always the plan, I like the V---DFV bacth of M.A.N 18.220 Alexander Dennis ALX300 Vehicle at Barnsley, 22801/11/12 (V801/11/12DFV) been the vehicles in question. However it was after arriving at Hemsworth and turning back towards Barnsley that it became memorable... The bus supplied, M.A.N 14.220 East Lancs Myllennium 39621 (YT03AYF) on route 35 (Barnsley-Pontefract)... Bingo ! After getting going i decided to film an onboard video for my you tube page which went all but planned, The first one was just people getting on or off so i started again, Went well until Brierley when a big group of elderly passengers boarded. After filming i moved over the the right back seat so i could have a wee bit of legroom, This is where the set of 4 seats is located with two facing towards the rear of the vehicle, As we travelled on towards Cudworth the bus started to fill until finally around Shafton the bus became standing room only... Not helping was that all windows we're closed, The group of elderly passengers making short work of that however will the seats empty infront of me at this point i didn't mind, In Cudworth the passengers then filled all 5 forward facing seats on the back, Now at this point i'm starting to overheat myself, Forgot poor 39621 which i could smell, let allone fell the heat been gerenated by the engine. At Cudworth a passenger... Rightly so shouts down the vehicle to an elderly couple forced to stand that there we're two seats remaining towards the rear... So they came up at sat infront of me, There isn't much to complain about... They had no right to stand however with the windows closed it soon became a sweat box !!!, We sat in traffic all way up from Cudworth to Oakwell and this didn't help, I was sweating like a glass blowers arse at this point but not wanting to leave YT03AYF early i choose to bear with it and carry on to the Interchange. I did so and upon reaching the Railway Station most passengers left the bus, After sitting in a bit more traffic and loosing a bit more sweat we reached the Interchange... There really never is a dull moment on 39621, YT03AYF, I will upload aforementioned video to my you tube channel tomorrow.

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