Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Stagecoach Go Magic Bus for Rotherham !!!

Its now out there that the Magic Bus Brand will from April 30th 2012 been rolled out in Rotherham in compertition with First Bus on route 22 (Rotherham-Wath-Wombwell-Barnsley) The Magic bus will only operate limmited stop between Rotherham and Wath bus station. The 22M will be operated using older Dennis Dart Vehicles that have come from the Reserve Pool. The work on the vehicles has taken place at Stagecoach Yorkshires Chesterfield Depot (Stonegravels) and the vehicles are soon to move to Rawmarsh Depot (Rotherham) where they will be based. The vehicles look smart in the Magic Bus
Livery as seen in the photo to the Right (C) Steve Crossland Signwriting had not taken place when the photo was taken however fleet numbers have been applyed to the vehicles. The grabrails onboard have been painted from Green to the standard Red for Magic Bus and the interiors have been vastly improved and clearned. The 22 Magic Bus will operate Every 20 Minutes between Rotherham Bus Station and Wath Bus Station direct and the full PVR is understood to be 4 however could be 3. Magic Bus i understand will use its own ticking system cheaper then Stagecoachs own on the 229 (Rotherham-Rawmarsh-Wath-Wombwell-Barnsley) and i understand the fare will be between £1-£2. I am not sure at this time if Stagecoach day riders/ weekly tickets will be accsepted on the Rotherham Magic Bus however i understand this is an option on the more astablised Manchester Magic Bus operating on several routes in Manchester in compertition with other operators. The Dennis Dart SLF East Lancs Sprytes and Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Pointer I Vehicles are all now in the Magic Bus livery and are understood to be as follows:

Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Pointer I 33083 (P979LNB)
Dennis Dart SLF East Lancs Spryte 33226 (R126TWF)
Dennis Dart SLF East Lancs Spryte 33227 (R127TWF)
Dennis Dart SLF East Lancs Spryte 33232 (S132XHE)
Dennis Dart SLF East Lancs Spryte 33233 (S133XHE)

In the picture above 33232 (S132XHE) is the first vehicle & 33083 (P979LNB) is the Second, The third is another Spryte. The photo also shows the vehicles looking pritty smart, Stagecoach should be apploded to get them up to the Standards they have. Now the Magic bus operation in Rotherham has started me off woundering if this may one day start on the Barnsley-Hospital-Darton corridor where comperition is high with Tate's Travel Group and in Sheffield against first and also more into Rotherham on the Meadowhall-Rotherham corridor currently operated by First & TM Travel (Wellglade Group) only. Personally i would like to see Stagecoach buses serving Meadowhall however the likely hood of this happening is so 1/1000 however a with Stagecoach not having a link Between Meadowhall & Rotherham and a link by bus between Sheffield and Meadowhall the gap in the network is clear. Personally hope the Stagecoach day riders are allowed onto Magic Services as this would allow passengers to use there normal Stagecoach from Barnsley to Rotherham or Doncaster to Rotherham and then the Magic from Rortherham to Parkgate/ Swinton or Wath.

Again the Photo used is Copyright Steve Crossland, Thanks to Steve Crossland for letting me use it on here :)


  1. Bus Time is a great step forward for B61 bus riders, who are looking for more reliable bus service. The MTA has brought Bus Time to the B61 at our urging and I look forward to taking further steps to making the line a great bus for the neighborhoods it serves

  2. Satgecoach go on magic bus for Rotherhand. Read to know details