Monday, 10 September 2012

E200s... The Story goes on + More

Those Enviro 200 again, Yes you guessed it those Barnsley ones that are in service on route... No thats not right is it. Delayed again due to gearbox issues that requiar the attention of a man from voith is however right, They have also mucked up the brandings accordingly. Elsewhere Tate's Travel 1152 (V152EFS) One of there new Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Super Pointers has enterd service as may have the other one however i'm not sure as i havn't seen it so cannot confirm. It looks very nice in fleet livery and certainly stands out in the crowd of Darts now at Tate's but thats probably the higher bit on the back at the top. They should be used on the 96/97 Barnsley-Wakefield corridor and interwork the school services replacing work the mighty Volvo B10M-55 Alexander PS did last year. The unknown White Plaxton Primo i mentioned is KX07KDA and is at Redline and was operating route 4, the mad circle of go North of town (Barnsley-Willthorpe-Barugh-Kexborough-
Darton-Staincross-Mapplewell-New Lodge-Wakefield Rd-Barnsley) apart from the 2 trips that run in the oppersit direction at 08:10 & 08:11am, Both of which do operate daily as ive seen them, Apart from those its hourly the 4. It looks a nice Primo to say its a Primo and yes i might try and get some haulage on it but only to see how it compares with those of TJ Walsh and other local operaters. Ive never liked the Primo so its got some work to do. Back to Stagecoach and at Ecclesfield 5 of the Ex Oxford M.A.N 18.220 Alexander ALX300 vehicles have been taken off fleet into reserve and find themselfs sat at Stonegravels, Chesterfield doing very little. I cannot see them been used there however. Confirmed at Stonegravels is 22929/31 (S929/31CFC), Still in service at Ecclesfield is 22932 (S932CFC) and here it is photoed leaving Sheffield on route 78 to Chapletown.

Also at Tate's 1101 has been reregistard YX10TAT and 1121 YX12TAT.

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