Tuesday, 25 September 2012

More New Enviros...

At Holbrook depot, ADL Dart Enviro 200s 36719-26 have enterd service on route 25 (Bradway-Sheffield-Woodhouse) and are YN62BDU/FE/HF/LX/NY/BNA/D/E. They are to the same standard and spec as the ones that have preiously enterd service at Barnsley. 36721 now features on my You Tube video allong with videos aboard 36714 and 36718 from the Barnsley Bacth. The buses are ok for Enviro 200s but i think the older bacth 36177-83/86-91 are much better but then again, they have settled in and i think, Don't quote me on this there Euro 4 not Euro 5 like the new bacth. Following this expected also at Holbrook are 19 ADL Enivro 400 Hybrid for route 52 (Woodhouse-Sheffield-Hillsborough Interchange) due October and also the new annocement today of 8 Scnaia K230 ADL Enviro 300 for Barnsley depot which should be 28671-8 and start arriving in the next few weeks for routes X19 (Barnsley-Doncaster-Finningley Airport) and X28 (Barnsley-Hemsworth-Pontefract). For now thats about all i have... I'm sure things will improve when the cart load of Volvo B7TL/9TL Gemini arrive at First South Yorkshire.

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