Sunday, 28 October 2012

Huddersfield to Leeds via Wakefield with a little help from 803

On Saturday 27th me, Adam & Danny went into West Yorkshire and used the £5.20 WY Metro Day ticket for the first time. Overall it went well with most drivers been plesent and very nice indeed. All the Arriva Yorkshire drivers we're very nice a few looking and checking the ticket as ovcoruse it said First on it which they are entitled to do. Unfortunatly it was a First West Yorkshire Leeds driver that stood out. He was driving Optare Solo 53909 on the 18:48 departure of the Town Bus in Leeds from the Bus Station. When Danny asked him if he could let us know when we are at the rail station, He replyed sarcasticly "Its When you see big trains eh!" So we sat down and then again, Another man go on and asked can you tell me when we get to the train station please, Driver again sarcasticly said Errrr When you see Trains, Your there. Unfortunatly it was dark and we didn't, nor did the other man see any trains so it was a good job i have little knowlage of the Train station in Leeds and we did manage to get off.
Started the day on 36715 of Stagecoach Yorkshire. Then Northern Rails 144010 to Huddersfield and from there we got First West Yorkshire 32513 on the 324 to Lockwood and returned on 30946. Then we did Arriva Yorkshire VDL Wright Pulsar 1455 to Old Fieldhouse Ln and back to Huddersfield on Volvo B9TL Darwen Olympus 1804. Then we planned to get a 231 or 232 to Wakefield. The next one was a 232 so we waiting. Ooooo 803. Centrebus Leyland Olympian Northern Counties 803 K242CHB or better known as K3 YCL to me ovcoruse been from Barnsley and growing up with 'Tracky' (Yorkshire Traction Group) who owned this fine beasts for quite a time before ovcoruse Stagecoach took over and sent them up to the Waterloo depot in Huddersfield which they then sold to Centrebus (Huddersfield Bus Company) where 803 is the last one remaining today. They we're new to Yorkshire Coastliner. This was certainly one to remember and certainly a beast. Having traveled on it back with Tracky between Barnsley & Doncaster i was happy to get this fine motor yet again and really happy to see it still going stong. The driver was brilliant and gave it some over the moors of Emily. Just brillaint. Next up was Arriva Yorkshire lovely doubly 1112. A Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse Urban on the 127 to Ossett. Then we got VDL Wright Gemini 2 1534 to Dewsbury and from their Darwen 1810 to the White Rose Centre. There we
got one of First Leeds new (From the Olympics) Volvo B9TL Wright Gemini 2s. This was 36271 on the 3 into Leeds Centre where we met Liam and Jake and then got 36278 on a 51 towards Morley. At Elland Rd the Police had closed the road so we had to divert and ended up at White Rose Centre again where i joked, Shall we get off here then. But he didn't go into the bus station and we went back down and joined the correct route. There not bad but they arn't great and seem loud and weak for a Wright product of late. In Morley Arriva Yorkshire Optare Spectra 723 was waiting with a 427 to Wakefield. We got this to Wakefield and 627 on the 446 to Oulton. Then we got a 189 to Leeds which was Volvo B7 Alexander ALX400 662. Then we got Town Bus 53909 with the not so nice driver. As aforementioned he should have an attitude like that driving a bus in Town Leeds, A popular tourist city in the UK. Then after a run throught Leeds Railway Station with its stupid ticket barriers that really don't need to be there because you could always employ men to do the job who are much better anyway because they don't eat tickets... I could go on. After a short run from one side to platform 17 where the train was we got 158843. I got off in Barnsley and then got 47288 home. Great day overall.

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