Monday, 1 October 2012

Local Fleet Changes - September 12

First South Yorkshire:
From Leeds are 30907/8/37021/4/9/30/2/4/5/37103-5/111-3/5-7/9/22 and there allocated and deliverd to Olive Grove depot for routes 47/48 (Shiregreen-Sheffield-Herdings) and 51 (Lodge Moor-Sheffield-Charnock) allowing 41780/2/5/7/30577/8/876/
60729/31/3/5/8/40/1/3/60799/800/2/4/5 to Rotherham from Olive Grove. I will update next month when the big movement has taken place to its full extent. All the Wright Eclipse Geminis from Leeds came with Leeds brandings and one even managed to arrive showing X84 Skipton. The latist buses came in two convoys on Saturday and were all in the Depot by 3pm on Saturday Afternoon. The photo shows 3 of the convoy from outside Olive Grove Depot.

Stagecoach Yorkshire:
The 14 new ADL Enviro 200 Dart are 36713-26 (YN62BHW/X/Y/JU/X/OV/DU/FE/HF/LX/MY/
NA/D/E) and are allocated to Barnsley (36713-8) and Holbrook (36719-26) for routes 1 (Barnsley-Mapplewell-Staincross) and 25 (Bradway-Sheffield-Woodhouse) respectivly. Due here are 8 Scania ADL Enviro 300 for Barnsley routes X19 (Barnsley-Doncaster-Doncaster Finningley Airport) and X28 (Barnsley-Hemsworth-Pontefract). All Vehicles that were out on Olympic movments have now returned including internal transfers.

Tate's Travel:
Demonstated here was Optare Solo SR (YJ11OJK) and it was used on route 34/34A (Barnsley-Shafton-Cudworth-Barnsley). ADL Enviro 200 Darts 1101/1121 (VP10JPT/YN12HNH) have become YX10TAT and YX12TAT respectfully the change occuring the second Saturday in September.


  1. We've got six new Scanias sat in the depot waiting for radios & greenroad to be fitted & they're going to be branded up for the X19. Two more are due to arrive shortly, waiting for one to be repaired after it got shunted while been moved.

  2. Thanks, Ive heard about the one that hit a lorry in Scania