Saturday, 17 March 2012

Saturday 17/03/12 - £5.20 Day Explorer & Barlborough Notes

Saturday 17/03/2012 - Bash & Barlborough Bits:

Before i had even left Barnsley this morning i had spotted Stagecoach Yorkshire 39629 (YN04WNE) Failed on Eldon St just up fro the Railway Bridge. This was causing quite a que indeed at the traffic lights and with buses going around it this was made worse. To the Right is a picture of 39629 this morning after failing. The person on the left is the driver in Stagecoach uniform looking relaxed. On the right we see a member of Travel South Yorkshire PTE Staff. Not sure why he was in attendance as the vehicle isn't blocking Interchange access really and isn't on the Interchange its self. 39629 is one of a small number of M.A.N 14.220 East Lancs Myllennium vehicles in the Stagecoach fleet where Yorkshire have the most (39621-31). Also noted this morning in Barnsley was new brandings on Arriva Yorkshire VDL SB220 Wright Commander 1405 (YJ56JYL) for routes 194/195/196. An odd move as Tate's travel has recently registard these services, Makes you wounder what really will happen in March/ April when services Change. Below/ Left is a photo of Commander 1405 with the
brandings in place. I find the new branded much simpler then the branding of old with blue circle covering the vehicle. Still i am told that is now the new countrywide Arriva branding. After leaving Barnsley for Ecclesfield on Dart 35111 (YN06WCM) on route 265 i started woundering about what to do next, So when sat on Scania 15717 (YN60CKO)  towards Sheffield on route 88 from Ecclesfield it was finally chosen to visit Barlborough Tesco RDC. A location i personally like for some Stobart Spotting. That ment a trip on route X17 to Chesterfield. A route i do like and sitting on the uper deck at the front above the doors made this more enjoyable. I arrived in Chesterfield as the sun came out and as the X17 doesn't connect with the 77 onwards to Barlborough some time was spent on New Beetwell St in Chesterfield. Suprises me why Stonegravels don't have a more mordern fleet. R & T Reg Darts can be seen on routes allover the town commonly. After a trip on the 77 i made it to Barlborough and KFC. After some Stobart spotting got underway. It was quiet at Barlborough today with only two new spots on H5901 & H4546. After a chat with another spotter it was time to leave and go back to the buses. This week i didn't miss the 14:08 towards Chesterfield, Trident 18124 (YN04KGJ) was the vehicle. On New Beetwell St for the second time saw a very odd allocation in the form off Castle Line branded 22649 operating route 25. My Bus onwards was 22612 (YN08JGU (43 branded)) on the errr 43 to Woodseats where i changed vehicles and routes again onto the 25 to Sheffield. As soon as i got into Sheffield Bus Station and invested in a bottle of Fanta it was clear First 60803 was in a poor way. The engine sounded dreadfull and was very loud. Then two Freebees pulled in at once, It was clear they had been sticking to the 7 minute frequancy :O. Then as i waited for the 265 home expecting the normal unbranded M.A.N 18.240 Alexander ALX300 i was very supprised to see 22433 branded for Route 87 arriving into the bus station showing 265. As i arrived back home into Barnsley the football has just ended at the Bus station was very full indeed however my bus home wasn't too far away. An Enjoyable day today and a good start to the Blog too.


  1. A good start to a new blog that I'm happy to follow!!! Well Done Joe

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