Friday, 23 March 2012

Sheffield Route 52 To Finally Get Its Hybrid Buses

Sheffield Route 52 (Hillsborough-Crookes-Broomhill-Darnall-Handsworth-Woodhouse) Will finally get its Hybrid buses after the last bacth of 21 intended for this route were instead allocated onto the 120 (Hallamshire Hospital-Sheffield-Manor Top-Crystal Peaks-Halfway Tram Stop) when the Optio Orange ticketing system was introduced back in late 2011. A Bacth of 19 Hybrid vehicles will be allocated to Stagecoach Sheffields Holbrook Depot along with the ADL Enviro 200 & Scania Enviro 300 vehicles allready annoced last month when Stagecoach released its 2012/2013 vehicle order. Even more good news is that Arriva Yorkshire will also gain 12 new Hybrid buses for use in Leeds possibly on routes 163&166 (Castleford-Leeds) which is currently using branded Optare Tempo vehicles that see more use in Wakefield then in Leeds or Castleford. The news comes from the releasing of the Third Round on Green Bus Funding for Bus Companys and Operators to help bring down the UKs overall Carbon Footprint by the Goverment. The Stagecoach In Sheffield vehicles are excepted to be ADL Enviro 400 Hybrids however no word on the make and model of the vehicles has yet filterd in. The photo with this article is an ADL Enviro 400 Hybrid vehicle operating route 120 at Halfway Tram Stop two days after they enterd service for the first time in Sheffield carring the advertising campain of "Your Big Green Eco Machine" More information about the vehicle type and date of arrivel will be added when i myself get the information into me and the same for the Arriva bacth too. These will be the first bacth of Hybrid vehicles for the Arriva Yorkshire fleet anywere and will probably be double decker vehicles. It wouldn't suprise me if they are Volvo B5L Wright Gemini type vehicles also used by First West Yorkshire in the Leeds area.

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