Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Lines On At Barnsley Bus Station

After the Bus Station and bridge connecting it to the Railway Station opened in 2007 Barnsley Interchange has been busy with buses each one eating away at the painted lines marking out stands and layover bays on the tarmac. Well today as my bus into town this morning arrived into the bus station it soon became clear the markings for the layover bays on the Kendray side have been painted over with shiny yellow paint. They looked very good indeed and what looked even better was Stands 1 to 19 which have also been marked out with the same yellow paint. I must say it has really improved the look of the bus station and will most certainly stop buses going into the wrong stand by mistake which most certainly happened beforehand, Infact 36179 on my 21 went into A7 not A8 on Sunday when the bus station was empty. They have also re-applyed the numbers on the bottom of stands next to the bus carrageway. Hopefully Stands 20-24 and other markings will also be repainted this evening and tonight. I suspect the work was done overnight last night (20/03/2012). As the below photos will hopefully show its improved the look of the bus station and hopefully it will stay in this condition in the future. The photos placed around this post are from around the bus station taken from Stagecoach 22113 (S113TRJ) showing the repainted yellow lines including the stand number on the bottom of the stand too.

Update as of 23/03/2011:
All road markings have now been re applyed to the bus station and looks great. Certainly noticed drivers using the bus station more accurantly apart from one 57 driver who descided to go around a stopped 32 which then pulled out on him and pulled into stand nearly resulting in a Enviro 300 sandwich.

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