Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Return Of a Mini Dart

Stagecoach Mini Dart Leaving Barnsley
Interchange for Kexborough on morning
Stagecoach Yorkshire Dennis Dart SLF Alexander ALX200 34086 (S486BWC) Has made a return to public service from the very bottom of the Reserve Pool after Dennis Dart SLF East Lancs Spryte 33232 was repainted into Magic Bus Livery. 33232 been the vehicle used beforehand. 34086 was today operating Townlines Route 11 (Barnsley-Athersley North Circle) Strangly 11 Townlines Branded 22449 was operating Townlines Route 1 (Barnsley - Mapplewell & Staincross Circle) this afternoon. The Mini Darts so to call them were taken out of main streem service when M.A.N 18.220 Alexander ALX300 22113-5/24/6 & 22213 (S113-5/24/6TRJ & T213TND) enterd service in Barnsley after been cast off form Manchester. Barnsleys Wakefield Rd Depot also gained 22801/11/12 (V801/11/12DFV) From Chesterfield on the same weekend to replace both the Mini Darts and Volvo B10BLE Wright Renowns 21129-35 (T545-51AUA). 34086 was operating Route 67 (Barnsley-Great Houghton) yesterday. I understand the Mini Darts 34082/4/6-8 (S482/4/6-8BWC) will be all back covering for the Olympics however i'm not sure where these will operate. The Olympics are proving to be a odd subject for vehicles allocation, First Barnsley were said to be loosing the there only Enviro 400 Double Deckers however now i'm not sure. At least three of the bacth of 21129-35 (T545-51AUA) Will move to Stonegravels Depot, Chesterfield to operate Express Route X17 (Sheffield-Chesterfield-Matlock) as Chesterfield are to loose some Scania Enviro 400s to other depots (Possibly Hyde Rd, Manchester).  I will try and provide more information regarding the Olympic games in 2012 when it arrives.

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