Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tate's expand as Redline hit problems

Redline have been stuggling to operate services recently. Service 4 has not operated and i understand not many 6As/11As/43As/44As have operated ether. Some of the Grimethorpe/ Shafton services have failed to operate. This isn't good and the 4A is been operated by a Mercedes O405 Coach which they have been using 'very lightly' since they wasted money on it. Frankly im not sure whats left for Redline. It was a good idea when it started but its never gone anywhere really and they make Tate's look ok. I know they have some Solos and the Primos and vehicle quallity is better on avrage then you get at Tate's but whats vehicle quallity if the bloody thing never turns up. When i could i used the 4 but now the timetable is complete stupid and its unuseable. 4A runs 08:11 Mon-Fri only but then it says, This service is school days only so really its pointless been a service and not a schoolbus. So as for Redline, Im not sure what the hell is going on at the minute but i can't see it lasting if nothing is done by the management to look into the situation. Anyways onto Tate's who seem to have stopped competeing as much with Stagecoach and took all their might to fight Arriva Yorkshire. They have done this by taking tender work on routes 194/195 and 443 allong with the 96/97 they allready operate, they have now won tenders for routes 128, 205, 212, 213 around Wakefield, Morley & Dewsbury. I understand they will be getting up to 3 more ADL Dart Enviro 200 vehicles to operate these services, They'll probably not end up operating them but the effort is there.


  1. You forgot to mention that red line has got limited staff and that their vehices are poorly maintained.

  2. Vehicle quality at Tates is a lot better than at Red Line.

    The new Tates services will operate, and will hopefully be reliable.

    1. Mmmmmm maybe its just me having bad experances i don't know but last 3 times ive used Tate's ive been unimpressed. On the other hand ive been impressed with Tate's before too.