Thursday, 26 July 2012

Few Updates and Stuff

At Stagecoach, The New Scania N230UB ADL Enviro 400 vehicle for Chesterfield are ungoing delivery, I think to the Events team but could be Chesterfield, However from a photo ive seen off 15824 they apper to have Standard seating so its lead me to believe these vehicles maybe used on the 43 (Sheffield-Dronfield Woodhouse-Chesterfield) in appose to the X17 (Sheffield-Chesterfield-Matlock) unless they change the seats over, Seems abit errr odd to me but we will have to wait and see. All are expected to go down to London for Olympic use beforehand. 3 More Vehicles are expected to join the Magic Bus operation in Rotherham from Septemeber, I understand these to be the 3 Dennis Darts currently at Barnsley for Olympic Cover, Those been 33082 (P978LNB) 33241/5 (T141/5JKY). All are currenty wearing Stagecoach Beachball livery. Optare Excel 35005 (YN51VHO) was involved in a serious engine fire and as a result will be withdrawn, I can't see them repairing it anyway.

At First who i know i don't post about often Volvo B7L Wright Eclipse Urban 60729/30/31/33/35/37/40/43 are confirmed at having re-located for the summer to Midland Rd, Rotherham from Olive Grove, Sheffield after Olive Groves PVR dropped and as i understand 60729-43 have all moved, This has allowed Rotherham to withdrawn and reserve certain Volvo Olympian Northern Counties Palatines which were previously operating routes like the 69 (Sheffield-Tinsley-Rotherham) & the X5 (Sheffield-Dinnington). I will try to compile a list of all the vehicles in new livery shortly too, Well the South Yorkshire ones anyways.

At Tate's 1121 (YN12HVH) is new, Its another ADL Dart SLF Enviro 200 vehicle at the layout of B39F... I think, Ive not yet been lucky enough to get it for haulage yet however i plan to, Ive missed out on getting Tate's latist demo (YX61EKO) which didn't gain a fleetnumber, This was the same silver as YX61DOU. The vehicles both manage to keep avoiding me which is about right.

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