Sunday, 8 July 2012

Splash, Tate's Travel to the Rescue

On Friday 06/07/12, 2 Months worth of Rainfall fell in South Yorkshire over the morning and afternoon. So even with the warning some idiot decided to go ahead with his plans... Yes Me, Started out ok with on and off heavy rain. So as i boarded the 10:12 21 to Cubley which was 22543 (YN57MXK), After leaving Barnsley it became clear to me that i had probably messed up as there was lots of standing water and puddle work around. When we got to Oxspring over the crossroads there is a field on a slope which had decided to leake its mud with the water going down the slope, This was running down into Oxspring bottom and causing quite an issue. After the day, painting i got the 14:28 21 back to Penistone, This is the Penistone only one that then runs to the school, It was really raining at this point and i was coverd... No Drowned I ended up standing in Penistone Church/ Market Place and as the rain started to get worse i got into a conversation and stopped paying attention to what was going on with my mobile speaking device. After a while ADL Enviro 200 Dart 36183 (YN60FKU) came in at 14:58 which was the other school bus that doesn't run to Cubley in service. After a bit it came back later packed solid with school pupils...
That wasn't for me so i missed it and waiting, Then i checked the aforementioned mobile device which said there were flooding at Green Rd, Penistone and then Oxspring, Silkstone and Barugh ammong other places. So as the 29, Sheffield Community transports ADL Mini Pointer had gone i waited in hope more then expectation. Then, Tate's Travel 1521 (EJ52WXD) with the 92 to Millhouse Green, Going the wrong way and i didn't expect any service back, So i sat and waited. A Plaxton Verde Dennis Lance in White passed which confused me, Didn't know of any in the local area so was a supprise, Finally Tate's Travel 1521 appered from around the bend, Heard it coming before i saw it... Ive not really been so happy to hear the engine of an ADL Dart Pointer 2 before, As i got on the Driver said he would get to Barnsley, No Ifs, Maybes or Buts, He will get to Barnsley... I took my seat and as we went up the A628 towards Penistone viaduct there was the first flood, We plowed on throught like it was nothing, Deeper then the Mini that had before tryed. As we went allong we got to Hoylandswain without issue and then down towards Silkstone, The escape lane at the bottom on Hoylandswain has took to the weather and river running down Hoylandswain hill like Skegness beach to High Tyde. Silkstone and Barugh we're heavly flooded and the photos shows Silkstone Flooded and the Ring O'Bells.
Silkstone was the worst affected with the pub and homes flooded, The fire brigade we're doing there best to help with no chance of succseeding, They moved there rig and then let traffic pass before it became stuck.  Barugh was flooded heavly by the Chestnut Tree (The pub not just theTree !) and was only passale to larger vehicles, Some Stagecoach Enviro 200 had issues with water coming onboard but Tate's 1521 again plowed on. Claycliffe Rd by Tate's Travels depot was also flooded, I am unsure but pritty certain Tate's Travels depot took on water as an office when asked by our driver said "Its Your Place where its worst". After all we arrived in Barnsley and i got the bus home without incident however a trip that should have taken an hour took 3 and half... Hopefully no more floods will hit this year and non as serious as those that did. I must say Thank You to Tate's Travel, They managed to run when Stagecoach failed, The driver i had on 1521 was bloody excerlant...
Top Guy and most certainly could drive the bus. Not using Tate's Travel much i must say they did a top job and really pleased me this time.

They got me home to wacth TV and listern to Radio 1, Top quallity from this small operater.

Well Done Tate's Travel

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