Sunday, 15 July 2012

One Certainly Different Trip to Barlborough DC

Well it wasn't raining for a start ! Got 47290 (YN03ZXK) Into town, Thats normal but then when i went for my normal train the 07:58 from Barnsley to Sheffield expecting the normal Class 144 3 Car Pacer i was suprised to see 142030 turn up. This is a ex FGW (First Great Western) unit and comes complete with the full FGW interior. Infact i'm suprised Northern Rail even painted the unit back into there livery. The bench seating was outdated and creaky and when the unit got over 25-30mph it become very rattley and devolved a vibration, This affected the full carrige and was quite worring given the recent string on Class 142 prop shaft failures that normally lead to the unit been flung off the track (142042 been badly damaged by this beforehand). After getting off the unit i missed photting the 53 (Sheffield-Mansfield) operated by Stagecoach East Midlands Mansfield depot, This was yesterday operated by a Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Super Pointer (33832 IIRC). So taking pics i waiting for the arrival of Thomas Cousins. Then got the 44A to Woodseats from Sheffield... Unfortuneatly we managed to get Allocated Optare Excel L1180 35004 (YN51VHM). That wasn't the plan, I hoped for a Dart or something different, It later turned out 35004 was the only Optare Excel operating the 44/44A that day !. Then it was onto 15695 to Whittington Moor, That bits normal... Then we got 33234 (S134SHE) A Dennis Dart SLF East Lancs Spryte on the 25 from Whittington Moor to Chesterfield Town Centre. After expecting a Super Pointer Dart like the aformentioned example but one of Chesterfields, Stonegravels Depot and ovcourse not Mansfield. Walked down to New Beetwell St as per then and didn't see many of the unbranded Scania N230 ADL Enviro 400s, Well appart from 15688 which was operating X17s.
 I knew 2 we're going/ had gone for Olympic cover to Peterborough but that still left 15687/9-91 unacounted for, So here i am in Chesterfield expecting one of those up to Barlborough... Ovcouse 22643 (YN58CEK) was provided. I didn't mind that and this was the first time i hadn't got a Scania E400 on the Saturdays 10:45 77 from Chesterfield to Worksop, Well Barlborough but the bus went to Worksop. It was nice to get 22643, I don't often get Chesterfields Enviro 300 for haulage so was quite happy. After a KFC, And a very quite day spotting at Barlborough where only 8 Stobart vehicle were seen we walked back up to the bus stop expecting 18124 (YN04KGE) at 14:06, However at 15:58 36003 (FJ07OSW) turned up in service on the 77, Now i hadn't seen that vehicle that morning so i was a little confused... Turned out he was 22 late and should have been the 15:36 to Chesterfield. I on the other hand was well impressed at getting 36003, I like those ADL Enviro 200 which don't use the drone on engine in most ADL Enviro 200. Infact i quite like the Worksop bacth of Enviro 200 (36001-8). That lead to some intresting photos, First time ive ever got 2 Single Decks on the 77 in a day, And 22643 was a little full so how 36003 went on i don't know. In Chesterfield there was a big backlog of Traffic,
New Beetwell St was very slow and took walking then was about 5 minutes faster then driving. Got to the X17 early which was the same 15694 (YN60ADX)... Always seem to get 15694 on that board of the X17... Not sure why but its allways on full X17s and its whining engine most certainly gives the ears something to turn off at. 35112 (YN06WCO) was my 265 home and then, well then 47300 (YJ55BLN). An intresting day on the bus and train side... Anyooh, Catch you all later :D
To Add to the above, All Photos shown are taken using my new Canon IXUS 230 HS camera, I most certainly think its one of the best ive used and come into contanct with so far taking some excerlant shots yesterday, Including the one to the Right of Stagecoach Chesterfield 34720 (YN05XNZ) which was repainting into this commrotive livery of East Midlands Motor Service (EMMS) which is the lisence Stagecoach took and still use. Stangely this is teqnicly a Stagecoach Yorkshire vehicle as Stagecoach Chesterfield is part of Stagecoach Yorkshire.

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