Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Local Bits and New Enviro 400s

In Barnsley, A Trojen bus has operated in Barnsley to crack down on antisocial behavior within the community. South Yorkshire Police also boarded buses in Barnsley to crack down on passengers who we're using forged weekley passes and tickets. All good in my view, Its about time this happend in Barnsley as its happening in Rotherham. The vehicle used from trojen bus i'm not sure of but i'm guessing this would have been a M.A.N 18.240 HOCL-NR A69 ADL Enviro 300 as these are commonplace in Barnsley on Evenings and Sundays as well as Weekdays. All good i find anyway. Hopefully we will get revinue teams on Northern Rail shortly to totally crack down on people avoiding fairs.

In Other news the following information should be the Scania N230 ADL Enviro 400 vehicles that are expected at Chesterfield, Stonegravels for use on route X17 (Sheffield-Chesterfield-Matlock) displacing older vehicles of the same type onto route 43 (Sheffield-Dronfield Woodhouse-Chesterfield). The new vehicles are expected to be as follows (Information form Facebook)
15824 - YN12 GYO                         15825 - YN12 GYP
15826 - YN12 GYR                         15827 - YN12 GYS
15828 - YN12 GYT                         15829 - YN12 GYU

I am currently unsure if Barnsley will still get a bacth of Enviro 200 however ive not heard there not getting them or that they have been diverted so

Think these will be in service after the olympics.

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